Bear Watching in Finland - A Long Night in a Hide

Sunrise at the Russian Border, Finland
A dark chocolate-coloured bear emerged from the forest and plodded into the clearing in front of us.  He lingered briefly by a dead tree, the bark of which had been stripped leaving it scarred with open wounds. The bear sniffed the air with his mouth slightly open, his strong white teeth clearly visible as he ambled around the long coarse grass until he picked up a scent. Facing us, he pushed his muzzle into the ground and clawed at the land with a large powerful paw.  Bones cracked loudly as he masticated his find, crushing it with his puissant jaw.  

10 Free Things to do in Manchester

Bridgewater Canal

1. Canal Trail
Starting at Deansgate, a walk along the Bridgewater Canal will be a contrast between industrial, historical iron and steel and bright modern, colourful graffiti.  It will take you along the one of the most ambitious engineering projects of its time, a success that heralded the beginning of the canal age in Britain and you will be able to hear the hidden Medlock River and see it emerge near Potato Wharf.  
Modern Urban Art
Canal Trail