Muddy but Magical

Muddy but magical - The day I spent running with Elise, Becky, Terri and  Charlotte.

Becky, Elise and Terri


10 Quick Questions with Dave Cornthwaite

Dave Cornthwaite
Dave Cornthwaite
 Dave Cornthwaite is a record-breaking adventurer, author, filmmaker and entertaining motivational speaker.  He is a big believer of SAY YES MORE and also very generous with hugs.

Following a summer series of SAY YES campouts where he invited his Facebook friends to become real friends and come wild camping somewhere near London with him, he started work on the first ever Yestival, an October gathering around a campfire in a field near Guildford where the air of positivity was palpable. 

Shortly after Yestival, I met with Dave and asked him a few questions about the event and his forthcoming 1000 mile walk across the Middle East with his friend, adventurer and film maker, Leon McCarron. Walk The Masar