Project Awesome does Yestival

I waddled across the field with Georgia’s ankles in my hands, her hands slapping the dewy grass as we wheelbarrowed and laughed our way to the turning marker, with over 50 other couples doing the same thing.

This was Project Awesome, a concept inspired by Danny Bent which began in London a few years ago and has now spread to Bristol and Edinburgh.  Project Awesome is free high-energy fitness with a twist.  The twist being that it’s loud, colourful and full of positivity; instead of sweat and tears, you get smiles and laughter, high-fives and hugs.  

What would you do if you read this message?

“Meet me under the clock in Liverpool Street Station at 6pm and bring your sleeping bag.”

This was the message that went out on Facebook last year and was acted upon by 19 strangers. 

The man who posted that message was Dave Cornthwaite, adventurer, author, motivational speaker and creator of Say Yes More, a campaign to encourage you to make life memorable by saying Yes to doing amazing things that you’ve always wanted to do but have never done because of time, financial, family or other commitments.  

Dave Cornthwaite

Yestival 2016

I’m off to Yestival in a couple of weeks, on my own but not alone.  If it’s anything like last year, and I suspect it will be, I will arrive with hundreds of strangers and leave with just as many friends.

Austin Vince giving a very memorable talk