Experience Taroudant's Weekly Market

From swords, antique silver and spare parts of anything, to some of the world's most colourful  and fragrant spices; a visit to the Arab/Berber market was more than a sense stimulating experience.
Early Morning at the Market

Said’s warning to watch out for pick pockets was still running through my head as we were lured across the duel carriageway towards a mass of bodies, bicycles and bellowing stall holders. Had we paid more attention to two men leading a calf along the road, it may have prepared us for the sense stimulating experiences we were about to encounter as we entered Taroudant’s largest Berber and Arab market.

Fresh Veg at the Market

10 Free Things to do in Taroudant

An interesting and relatively inexpensive way to see the town is by horse drawn carriage, called a caleche;  I also thought it would help orientate me but I still got lost within 100m of leaving our accommodation.  

If you're on a budget, here are some free things for you to see and do in Taroudant.

1. Walk around the 5km city walls
 Taroudant has the most complete walls of any town in Morocco. They were originally built in 11th Century and rebuilt in 16th and early 17th Century after Taroudant was destroyed by the Merinids. The old original walls are still visible in places and restoration work still is still going on today.

A Caleche within the City Walls

Bear Watching in Finland - A Long Night in a Hide

Sunrise at the Russian Border, Finland
A dark chocolate-coloured bear emerged from the forest and plodded into the clearing in front of us.  He lingered briefly by a dead tree, the bark of which had been stripped leaving it scarred with open wounds. The bear sniffed the air with his mouth slightly open, his strong white teeth clearly visible as he ambled around the long coarse grass until he picked up a scent. Facing us, he pushed his muzzle into the ground and clawed at the land with a large powerful paw.  Bones cracked loudly as he masticated his find, crushing it with his puissant jaw.  

10 Free Things to do in Manchester

Bridgewater Canal

1. Canal Trail
Starting at Deansgate, a walk along the Bridgewater Canal will be a contrast between industrial, historical iron and steel and bright modern, colourful graffiti.  It will take you along the one of the most ambitious engineering projects of its time, a success that heralded the beginning of the canal age in Britain and you will be able to hear the hidden Medlock River and see it emerge near Potato Wharf.  
Modern Urban Art
Canal Trail

10 Free Things to do on the Isle of Wight - Including Ferry Travel

View From Culver to Luccombe across Sandown Bay
One of the best views on the Island - From Culver to Luccombe across Sandown Bay

Every year, the Isle of Wight plays host to various events, many of them are free like the Walking Festival in May and October, the Scooter Rally in August or the Cycling Festival and Classic Car event in September.  You may even be there for the Festival or other great music festivals.  Whatever your reason for going to the Isle of Wight, here are 10 free things to do while you are there.

Lost in the Pinnacles

The Pinnacles Desert Western Australia

The darkness brought with it unusual and uncomfortable sounds. A predator approached. It made a successful kill and masticated its prey, crunching on bones or beetle carapace. It was cold now too, a stark and sudden contrast from an hour ago, when we took our seats in the sand to watch the crepuscular light perform its magic on the unusual shapes of the limestone structures.
I shivered and rose to my feet quickly. We’d walked for miles but surely we could find our way back to the car. If only there had been a moon that night. My mind wandered back to the morning, when an excited Sarah enthused, over breakfast, about seeing the Pinnacles at sunset.
The Pinnacles Desert in Nambung National Park, Western Australia, is an unusual wilderness of limestone towers. These ancient natural sculptures, eroded by sandblasting winds, form monuments of extraordinary shapes and range from a few centimetres to over five metres in height.