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For hundreds of years, people have explored the world by boat, on foot or by whatever means possible.  Some have done it to discover new lands, break world records or meet new people and learn about new cultures.

Today, although there are fewer new lands to discover it hasn't stopped us travelling and exploring and pushing our boundaries.

So I've met up with some of today’s adventurers and explorers to ask them about their journeys and why they do it.  For some of them travelling is now their life; making a living from their stories and learning and discovering new things every day.  For others, it’s about using their disposable time to get more out of life; to explore, photograph and learn about the world around them.


Mel and Michelle were the first people to paddle board the whole length of the River Thames.  I caught up with them after Yestival and asked them all about it. Read about their epic journey here.



My first interview is with Dave Cornthwaite, a record-breaking adventurer, author, filmmaker and entertaining motivational speaker.
Click here for 10 Quick Questions with Dave Cornthwaite



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