Experience Taroudant's Weekly Market

From swords, antique silver and spare parts of anything, to some of the world's most colourful  and fragrant spices; a visit to the Arab/Berber market was more than a sense stimulating experience.
Early Morning at the Market

Said’s warning to watch out for pick pockets was still running through my head as we were lured across the duel carriageway towards a mass of bodies, bicycles and bellowing stall holders. Had we paid more attention to two men leading a calf along the road, it may have prepared us for the sense stimulating experiences we were about to encounter as we entered Taroudant’s largest Berber and Arab market.

Fresh Veg at the Market

10 Free Things to do in Taroudant

An interesting and relatively inexpensive way to see the town is by horse drawn carriage, called a caleche;  I also thought it would help orientate me but I still got lost within 100m of leaving our accommodation.  

If you're on a budget, here are some free things for you to see and do in Taroudant.

1. Walk around the 5km city walls
 Taroudant has the most complete walls of any town in Morocco. They were originally built in 11th Century and rebuilt in 16th and early 17th Century after Taroudant was destroyed by the Merinids. The old original walls are still visible in places and restoration work still is still going on today.

A Caleche within the City Walls