10 Free Things to do in Taroudant

An interesting and relatively inexpensive way to see the town is by horse drawn carriage, called a caleche;  I also thought it would help orientate me but I still got lost within 100m of leaving our accommodation.  

If you're on a budget, here are some free things for you to see and do in Taroudant.

1. Walk around the 5km city walls
 Taroudant has the most complete walls of any town in Morocco. They were originally built in 11th Century and rebuilt in 16th and early 17th Century after Taroudant was destroyed by the Merinids. The old original walls are still visible in places and restoration work still is still going on today.

A Caleche within the City Walls

2. Climb up to the ramparts at Bab el Kasbah.
The grandest of the 5 main gates of the city wall is Bab el Kasbah where you can climb the ramparts for a view of an old property of one of the locations where Ali Baba and his 40 Thieves was filmed. It was built in the early 1900s and belongs to an aristocratic family.

A View From the Ramparts

3. Sneak into The Palais Salam Courtyard
Built into the town walls and close to the Bab el Kasbah, the Palais Salam features a tiled courtyard with patios and fountains, coloured lanterns and banana trees. Once the old imperial palace, open to non residents and a lovely place to relax in the shade with a cool drink.
Inside the Palais Salam Caourtyard

4. The Tanneries
The tanneries are just outside the city walls, within walking distance but if you’ve hired a caleche, your driver will be happy to take you there and wait while you have a tour.  The tanneries are smaller and less smelly than Fez and Marrakech tanneries but nonetheless interesting, smelly and free.

Working on the Skins inside the Tannery

Drying Skins in the Tannery

5. An Evening Stroll
Take an evening stroll in the Jardin Brahim Roudani, a park just outside the city walls opposite the Palais Salam and one of the few green areas in Taroudant. Palm trees and orange trees line the paths and romantic arched bridges cross water features. But beware! There are no public toilets.

6. The Kasbah
The Kasbah is a village within the city where artwork adorns the walls and children play in the narrow streets.  The enclosed maze of narrow streets may feel slightly intimidating and somewhat confusing but the people are friendly and curious of the few tourists they see.

Inside the Kasbah

7. The Art Square
Beyond the city walls, the land is desolate and littered with waste but at the entrance to the gate of Bab el Djedid is an Art Point, a plein air display of large, stone sculptures.  All but one of them is abstract and it also seems to be the most popular - a stone scooter.

Abstract Stone Sculpture in the Art Square

Scooter Stone Sculpture

8. The Weekly Market
Outside the city walls on a Sunday morning, you’ll find Troudant’s largest market.  It’s a great place to buy a donkey or goat but if you think you’ll have trouble getting them home on your Ryanair flight, perhaps some local spices, preserved lemons, or Argan oil would be more appropriate. 
Buying Live Meat at the Weekly Market
Mini Spice Mountains at the Weekly Market

9. Get Lost
Don't bother with a map, they don’t work! The streets are not named, despite what it says on the map.  Just get lost within the city walls and if you find your way to the main square, you can chill out with the locals and the odd tourist and listen to musicians.

Taking Life Easy in the Main Square

10. Traditional Souks
A trip to Taroudant would not be complete without a visit to the Souks which are less crowded and friendlier than their Marrakech counterparts. You will find a varied selection of local leather, crafted silver wear and artisans of every trade and pleasant witty banter from the sellers.

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