Great Ambiance in Brading's Old Wax Museum

You may be forgiven for thinking that breakfast at an old wax museum might taste a bit...fake. But Brading's old wax museum has been transformed into a chic new table service cafe serving locally produced food.  And as a bonus, there is also a chocolate factory and shop next door.

Waxworks Cafe
Inside the Waxworks Cafe

After a lovely run along the beach this morning ......

Sandown to Shankline Beach
....I treated myself to one of their veggie breakfasts and it must be one of the most unusual breakfasts I have ever had and one of the tastiest too. 

Veggie Breakfast
My stir fried vegetable breakfast arrived in a huge plate which contained loads of mushrooms, yellow and red cherry tomatoes, chard and sweet potato slices and topped with an oval-shaped soft poached egg.  It was accompanied by artisan bread, toasted and skewerd.

But don't think you'll miss out on the sweet potatoes if you don't have the veggie breakfast.  The 'Full Wax Works breakfast' has a portion of sweet potatoes along with your sausage and bacon.

Full Wax Works Breakfast

 The Waxworks Cafe, in the listed Rectory Mansion, is open 7 days a week and has a facebook page here.  Please note, I have not been paid in kind or money to write this for the Waxworks Cafe, I just really liked the service, the food and the ambiance - I found it a lovely place to relax on a Sunday morning, I hope you do too. 

Outside courtyard seating at the back

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