Review of Zendure A5 Power Bank 16750mAh

I’ve been using my Zendure A5 Powerbank since October 2015 and I’m delighted to say that it’s still as powerful and reliable as the day I bought it.  I like buying things that last.

Zendure A5 Power Bank

Zed (That’s what I called it) and I have been backpacking across mountains and camping in miserable conditions.  We’ve been on a long road trip in a campervan from the south coast of England up to and around Scotland where I topped Zed up from the USB cigarette lighter adapter in the campervan while we were driving.  We’ve even been to Europe together and there were no problems taking Zed in my hand luggage.


Really quick to charge
  • Charges my phone really quickly -  I get 5% charge in 7 minutes.

  • It holds its charge.  I can leave it in a drawer for months and know that I can count on it still having enough power to charge my phone and fitness tracker or whatever other device I’ve forgotten to charge.

  • Super durable, I’ve dropped it numerous times and it still works – that’s my kind of outdoor gadget.

  • Ribbed casing gives it a good grip so it doesn’t slip out your hand like some phones I’ve had.  That’s not how I dropped it by the way.
  • It can charge 2 devices while being charged itself.

  • 4 Blue lights indicate amount of charge left in the charger.


  • It’s quite heavy at 315g but I feel this one can take a knock or two especially when it’s stuffed in my pack much of the time, anything lighter might not be as strong.  

  • It’s on the pricey side but you get what you pay for.

  • The power bank itself takes a while to fully charge – I usually leave it charging all day or overnight.  But the time it takes to charge is outweighed by the amount of power it holds over a very long period.

  • The micro USB charging cable that’s supplied with it is a bit short and not anywhere near as sturdy as the charger.  My cable developed a loose connection after its first trip abroad. However, most gadgets come with their own USB charging cable so it isn’t a problem.

Overall, I’m very pleased with Zed and hope we have many more fun adventures together. 
This version I have been using has 2 USB slots and a micro USB slot for charging the power bank.

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