Wyatt & Jack Upcycled Bouncy Castle Tote Bag

When Wyatt and Jack asked me to road test their bouncy castle tote bag, I literally jumped at the chance.

The white PVC tote (also available in 13 other colours including tangerine, cherry and purple) arrived in a strong brown paper envelope with no extra packaging to throw away, no plastic bags or bubble wrap around it  - a feature, I was to discover,  in keeping with the reusing and recycling message promoted by the company.

coloured PVC tote
Other colours of Totes are available

In case you hadn't already gathered, it's made from a recycled bouncy castle and even has a label sewn inside reading "Once upon a time I was a bouncy castle" That really appealed to me!  I've been using canvas totes for years but I liked the way the Wyatt& Jack tote kept its shape, even when empty, and I liked the tactile feel of the vinyl.

I spent time testing it out on my shoulder and in my hand.  I prefer to have my hands free but sometimes I carry something, so it's good to have the option.  Normally the straps on canvas totes are too long to hold the bag in my hand without shortening the straps with a knot.  The straps of the recycled tote however, proved to be a perfect length for either shoulder or hand.

Upcycled PVC tote
Upcycled PVC Tote
The simple uncluttered design makes this a use me anywhere kind of bag.  The stitching felt very strong and secure and I was sure it could carry more weight than I can.

Is it waterproof?  Well, yes, it's made of PVC but it's only waterproof if the rain is hitting you side on.  There is no fastening at the top, so you wouldn't be carrying valuables in it or anything that couldn't get wet but I have that problem with all bags and the solution, I find, is to stash all your stuff in a dry sack inside the tote.  Dry sacks come in great colours and protect all your valuables including your papers, laptop and phone.

I always travel light, hand luggage only whenever possible and this limited edition tote would be small enough to carry in my hand luggage or take onboard as my extra bag.

Wyatt andJack Label
Wyatt & Jack

For a stylish, quirky and practical recycled tote that screams "I care about my environment!" look for the unique Wyatt & Jack branding.

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