What would you do if you read this message?

“Meet me under the clock in Liverpool Street Station at 6pm and bring your sleeping bag.”

This was the message that went out on Facebook last year and was acted upon by 19 strangers. 

The man who posted that message was Dave Cornthwaite, adventurer, author, motivational speaker and creator of Say Yes More, a campaign to encourage you to make life memorable by saying Yes to doing amazing things that you’ve always wanted to do but have never done because of time, financial, family or other commitments.  

Dave Cornthwaite
The same thing happened the following week, and the week after and each time a few more people turned up armed with a sleeping bag and rucksack full of adventure and enthusiasm and spent the night together in a field about an hour outside London.  It happened almost every weekend during the summer of 2015; they gathered to be inspired and to inspire, to educate and be educated but most of all they gathered together as strangers and left as friends.

I became a member of what is now known as the YesTribe, when I met Dave and a group of strangers for one of the campouts last year.  That group of strangers became my friends, we shared stories and aspirations around a campfire and still regularly see each other at wild campouts and Yestival.

Campout Campfire Photo by Dave Cornthwaite
The YesTribe is growing. It is not a cult, it's "a non-profit social enterprise run by volunteers who like to help nudge people towards their potential." It's totally free to join there are now over 3000 members waiting to reach out to you; people eager to do amazing things with their lives, people who want to be part of a community that has a good and positive impact on their lives, people who want to do something new every day.  People who want to SAY YES MORE!

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