Yestival 2016

I’m off to Yestival in a couple of weeks, on my own but not alone.  If it’s anything like last year, and I suspect it will be, I will arrive with hundreds of strangers and leave with just as many friends.

Austin Vince giving a very memorable talk

Yestival is not like your usual kind of music festival.  It’s not full of 20 somethings getting drunk and throwing up in other people’s tents, nor is it teaming with ageing 40 year olds stuck in the 1980s and trying out a bit of glamping.  In fact, there will be no wigwams with log burners, unless you bring your own, no loud music drifting across the Sussex countryside nor will there be fast food vans selling burgers for the price of a small mortgage.  

At Yestival you will get early morning team building workouts, entertaining and inspirational talks, loads of hugs and meet more positive and friendly people than you’ve ever met in a weekend.  

 You will have fun, so much fun! 

There will be campfires and good food and tales of adventure; people will applaud you, encourage you and cheer you on your way when you tell them you want to cycle round the world, run round the UK or swim to Iceland.

It’s a festival of adventure – this really is where the magic happens.

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